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Why Not Me? - Jess Douglas story

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Current Art Available

Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather
95 x 85cm x 6.5cm
The birds in my neighbourhood are a good-looking crew and they know how to have fun.Pure scenes of joy, a glint in the eye of a cheeky bird, the relat..
The morning magpie song is a joy to listen to, even if it's 4:00 am!A colourful composition depicting the morning sunrise in all its feathered glory.I..
Preened and Ready to Rumble Preened and Ready to Rumble
34 x 34cm x 6.5cm
Cockatoos always seem to have a mischievous glint in their eyes.A continuation of the Birds of a Feather crew, I welcome you to meet these two cuties...
A chaotic, vibrant bird-filled depiction of suburban life through collage, coated with epoxy resin.Collage on board finished in epoxy resin 40 x ..
Tea with Will Tea with Will
75 x 55cm x 4cm
A still-life juxtaposition of items that have a history in my life and the book I had just finished reading.This drawing has been done with Caran..
The Morning Magpie The Morning Magpie
34 x 34cm x 6.5cm SOLD
Inspired by the larger painting, "Morning Maggies", this little cutie is my favourite.Welcoming the morning with that famous warbling song, glowing in..
The Sun Worshippers The Sun Worshippers
30 x 40cm x 2cm
Two cats and a dog, lounging about in the sun living their best lives.A lino print on artists' own handmade paper and glints of different papers give ..
The Sun Worshippers - Pink The Sun Worshippers - Pink
20 x 30cm x 2cm
Two cats and a dog, lounging about in the sun living their best lives.A black lino print on a bold laydown of base colour, tells the story of vibrancy..
A jar of peanut butter, do you spread or spoon it? Smooth or Crunchy?What if the local bird life is keen to have a try too?  ...and of course the..
Do you have a tin of Keen's Curry at home? What are your favourite household items that give you joy?Enjoy the quirky nature of a colourful colla..
Love or hate it, Vegemite exists in almost every Aussie household.Colourful glass vases, mixed in with some lush yellow still-life staples.Enjoy the q..